Introspection 040715

Today, I submitted a proposal for a joint Dutch-Chinese project that takes the form of a Dialoque Seminar if awarded. The project has been designed together with Kunbei Zhang, and Gerrit-Jan Zwenne acts as stand-in for when I happen to collapse from old age or otherwise.

This last contingency becomes more likely with my years climbing in numbers. I feel almost pressed to make a plan for what I do still want to accomplish, and how, and when.


Actually, the Dialogue Seminar gives a useful indication of my ambitions. I still want to

  • contribute to the reception of useful complexity theory at the level of communities and community networks
  • identify a few useful complexity tools for legal scholarship
  • identify their locations in the network named “philosophy of science,” one of these locations will be the complex node (topos) called legal theory
  • perform (design, run, analyze) a few key ABMS projects
  • write an introduction to complexity tools for legal professionals
  • create a MOOC introducing complexity tools and their use to law students and legal professionals

I do think that Kunbei and Gerrit-Jan are still willing to support me and to cooperate in this. Perhaps Carl too, when he has emerged from his drowning-in-finishing-the-PhD period. Anyway, I am going to turn anything I do in the coming years towards realization of the six ambitions mentioned.



  1. By (re)considering each and every day what I am going to do (plan) and by filtering what I will actually do through the sieve that rejects what does not fit in with realizing an ambition.
  2. By giving my ambitions “shortcut memes” (RECEPTION, TOOLS, TOPOI, ABMS, BOOK and MOOC) and use these as categories in my personal blog space at https//
  3. By using the same technique (as employed in the site) of collecting semi-autonomous paragraphs (in the current case useful to the realization of the ambitions).
  4. Turn projects towards becoming conducive to the realization of the ambitions. Current projects are article projects (currently with Kunbei, Ramona and GJZ), the KNAW project (also with Kunbei and GJZ), the Honours Class project (with Richard Gill).
  5. Setting up a BOOK project, hopefully with support of Kunbei, Ramona, Carl and Gerrit-Jan.
  6. Setting up a MOOC project, hopefully with support of Kunbei, Ramona, Carl and Gerrit-Jan.
  7. Setting up two ABMS projects with Kunbei, hoping to get support from Kevin Wu and Richard Gill.
  8. By looking for appropriate funding and cross-disciplinary support.


ASAP. How (1) from this moment on.

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