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About Aernout

Aernout (see the contiguous selfiecropped-ASWP.jpg) served (still obligatory at the time) as reserve marine officer (1964-1966) before reading law at Utrecht University (1966-1972), supporting his law education and his budding family by being a professional programmer on the side, at various Dutch universities (Utrecht, GU Amsterdam, Leiden 1969-1985). In 1985 he initiated the then new department for law and computer science, which later became eLaw@Leiden. Since 2003 full professor in Law & Computer Science, since 2010 emeritus, also at Leiden University. As can be traced in his publications (online), his main scientific interests focus on discovering and  understanding the evolution of legal mechanisms, and how  their resiliences and efficacies can be influenced by social practices. His current projects look at what added value complexity theory may provide to legal theory an practice – especially where the objects for regulation are complex adaptive (networked) systems. —— Since 2010 is Aernout of counsel of Corvers Procurement Services and participates e.g. in peer reviews and tenderboard quick scans. Since 2012 he is also of counsel of SCHMDT advocatuur. Since Augustus 2014 he is the only executive of publishing, which bases its business model on producing material under public licenses.