(P0-01) Contents

Suggested contents:

1 Law and the Structure of Complexity
2 Law and the Dynamics of Complexity
3 Law for Structure and Dynamics in Ecologies
4 Complexity Theory for Legal Professionals
5 How Legal Arrangements Emerge
6 A Live Example
7 Results
8 The Tao of Law’s Complexity

I suggest that we (Kunbei and Aernout) add posts to this blog that are self contained, and are categorized as Tao Snippet and PX (for Part X) for the Part it is considered to belong. [P1 to P7 tally with the first Tao post]. Comments are welcome, but are moderated (considering the amount of spam and malware attempts going around).

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One thought on “(P0-01) Contents

  1. I like these suggested contents except section 3 and 4. Based on our experiences gained from the CLSR processing, the knowlegdes outside of legal world, such as ecology are the less, the better. And Rulh and Tussey’s works avoided to jumping into an theoretical jungle. I think the simple sample is enough for our possible readers to understand the working of CAS. Additionally, I still think the section 4 is too ambitious.