(P2-00) The Dynamics Category

In the Category P2 we collect paragraphs on the dynamics of systems and system aggregates. Often these dynamics are described in cyclic models of processes, like in metabolics (e.g., the Krebs cycle), in evolution (Darwin’s reproduction-variation-selection), in teleologic behaviors (Wright), in intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Deci). One issue to be discussed (Dennett, Gazzaniga) concerns the puzzles gained by increasing evidence on that what we think we choose has in fact been physically initiated before we could deliberate — and the need we feel to use concepts like guilt, responsibility, liability in our social exchanges (Partition 2).

We also collect in this category convincing examples of why the structure/dynamics distinctions are useful in practice, we discuss a few examples of dynamics in legal systems brought about by actual critical transitions in the social systems they have co-evolved with in equilibrium first, often for a long time (Part 3).

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