March 2019 update

After several years of neglect I take up the blog (and twitter) again.

In 2016 I decided to find out more about how complexity and legal theories could inforce each other. Since then I worked on what the questions are and how agent based  modeling can help. We (with Kunbei Zhang) considered several use cases (the war on file sharing, international data flows under personal data protection plans). I finally created a platform in NetLogo, based on Holland’s Echo, and used it in a project for the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security that I worked on in 2018/19.

I am completing this project these days and feel confident to have sufficient content of interest to begin working on the blog again. I plan weekly blogs on stuff that relates to the use of agent-based modeling for domesticating complex adaptive social systems that are attracted (or mediated to emerge) by networked services and that also beg for legal attention. Our first substantial article on such is here.

With Marco Velicogna I have been asked to co-edit a special issue on legal requirements engineering for  the European Quarterly on Political Attitudes and Mentalities. More on that later.

[Some work needs be done to open this site up for registration, debate and comments, and in this area I am rusty. Please use my twitter account to contact me directly if you feel like it.]


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