When DOLAR! would indicate the value of a mechanism for Division-of-Labor-and-Reintegration issues, the DOLAR! value of Wikipadia would be high and the DOLAR! values of the (Dutch) ICT plans for the UWV (2019) and the judiciary (KEI, 2018) would be negative. Methinks that in political decision making we often behave as-if we know the DOLAR! values involved.

DOLAR! values could (when they existed) help discuss the efficacies of proposed political interventions — like in the EU (Brexit), in the environment (the energy transition), in the economy (the distributions of welfare) and in the rule of law (extractive regimes).

In complexity theory, a tradition has emerged to use agent-based models and simulations for research. I will use these for finding DOLAR! values for different configurations of the KEI project (as KEI users and service providers form a complex adaptive networked system).

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