On Aernout’s LCN2 Brainstorm contribution

This link hides my LCN2 Brainstorm sheets. Actually, it are the notes pages with the text I meant to present. Main points are

  • the alpha-beta (crudely: science/economy-anthropology/law) divide is persistent as a result of social/psychological universals that are difficult to ignore
  • a lingua franca could be aimed for in the form of the requirement (to all four disciplines that need consider a complex situation concurrently) of translating theory into agent-based model (Netlogo). This will unveil the different approached to parameter-space reduction with discipline-specific assumptions, and opens the debate to discuss these (and prevents to ignore them). That this might work is an empirical proposition which can be investigated here.
  • the suggestion is further that MOOCs might be an efficient approach to creating sufficient skills in usingĀ  this lingua franca over the disciplines. What should be in them might be usefully discussed here too.
  • finally I solicited some help by looking second-opinion wise at the e-Codex project. Here, you find a link to an article presented at the CCS16 Satellite on Law and Complexity by Velicogna and Steigenga on the coplexity issues of the project.
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2 thoughts on “On Aernout’s LCN2 Brainstorm contribution

  1. Is there any particular reason for focusing on translation to an agent-based model?

    • Somehow missed this. The reason for focusing on translations to an agent based model is that such allows for visualizing the behaviors of mixed populations. Mixed in the sense of distributions of having adopted diverse specialist heuristics. A bit like how Nowak in his “Supercooperators” handled the dynamics in the distributions of cooperators and freeriders? In my frame there would be four species, roughly: rule-followers (legal theorists), collectivists (social scientists), entrepreneurs (economists) and soloists (scientists).

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