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Supporting material S5

This post is reserved for the inclusion of the supporting material for Section 5 of the TILTing article by Zhang & Schmidt.

I made the entry to be able to include the reference in the articles body text.

To be concluded.

On Aernout’s LCN2 Brainstorm contribution

This link hides my LCN2 Brainstorm sheets. Actually, it are the notes pages with the text I meant to present. Main points are the alpha-beta (crudely: science/economy-anthropology/law) divide is persistent as a result of social/psychological universals that are difficult to ignore a lingua franca could be aimed for in the form of the requirement (to […] Continue reading →


This site is for discussing how four different disciplines (science, economics, social science and law) can cooperate usefully in improving our understanding of complex situations that result from the behavior of communities of deliberate agents (CoDAs, a subset of complex adative networked systems (CANSs)). I think we can best be completely free in the beginning. […] Continue reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to the LN4CSR site. It is a brand-new platform for cross-disciplinary networking to support improved comprehension of complex situations. I made the platform during the Brainstorm session of LCN2 on March 28, 2017. So for now it will be work in progress. I will be working on it further tonight. Then I will try […] Continue reading →