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Gill’s second talk: DNA evidence: the Tamara Wolvers case

I will talk next week (Tuesday, 2 December) about difficulties of interpreting DNA evidence, illustrated by the case of Tamara Wolvers. Tamara was a young lady, murdered in her parent’s house in Alpen on the Rijn, in 2006. Police investigations led quite rapidly to one particular suspect “Jaco G”. Possibly the main (or at least, “hardest”) piece of evidence was a mixed DNA profile in which the DNA of at least two persons could be found: the victim and (presumably) the perpetrator and perhaps a third person. The analysis of mixed DNA profiles is very tricky, especially when the mixture is “unbalanced”.

I hope to find some scientific literature on forensic DNA which could be accessible to you and relevant to the case, as well as some more or less scientific literature pertaining to the case itself. So: “watch this space”.

My report to the court of appeal on the DNA evidence in this case:


Slides on the case (and on this evidence and on the probability calculations which I did) for a talk to law students in Maastricht:


The UK Lucia

Today I got very angry. A friend drew my attention to an article in yesterday’s Guardian and this led to the hunt for a newly appeared paper in criminology and an email conversation with the author – who ended up saying that I couldn’t criticise the paper because it has been published in a peer reviewed […] Continue reading →