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Chapter 2.1

H2- gamma gamma



What I would like to describe is the gamma gamma part, because I don’t know a lot of this subject. That’s why I think this will be very interesting for me to study and it will broaden my knowledge. Gamma gamma are the ones that study social appearances, anthropology and psychology. From my own background (medicine) we will have to deal with this field, but very superficial. Medicine is in my opinion a beta study (but some people think different about this).  And because we experience medicine as a beta study, we see other specialties, like psychology as abstract. It’s a shame that we think like this, but it is caused by the way we are being educated; everything has to be substantiated with scientific research. Before I started studying medicine, I did believe in the homeopathic healthcare, but when I think about it now, I have my doubts about the efficacy of these treatments. (Unless the whole homeopathic medicine works on the placebo effect).

To get back to the gamma gamma part, on my internship on a department for dialyses, there also was a social worker. Sometimes I doubt the usefulness of her job, because it seems like she’s only supporting the nurses in giving patients personal attention. This is true of course, but the social worker also has her own tasks and she does add something to the healthcare.  To determine what she contributes, I decided to describe the gamma gamma part.

Like I said before, the gamma gamma part exist out of the people that study social appearances, anthropology , political science, demographics , sociology and psychology; or with other words the social science. Social science is a major branch, concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within society.

Anthropology is the science of totality of human existence, in which the social sciences, humanities (studies local traditions, through their history, literature, music and arts) and human biology is being dealed with.

Sociology is the discipline that studies the social behaviour, it’s origin, development, organisation and institutions. It uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis, which is used to develop more knowledge about social order and disorder. The discipline also focuses on policies for example made by the government

Also the social services are part of the gamma  discipline. The aim of social workers is to give people the chance to grow in their social environment, and get everything they need. In the healthcare system social workers are meant to support patients and help them decide and understand the treatment. They are important for the mental wellness of patients, and stimulate a quicker recovering of the patients.

Psychology is the discipline that tells about the mental functions and behaviours. Psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups.  In the healthcare system psychologist are important, because they also have a part in deciding whether a patient is legally capable, or not. This is very important for the decisions about possible treatments for the patient, or the admission of the patient into a facility. Furthermore the psychologist is also important for a couple of mental disorders, like hypochondriasis, and other social anxiety disorders.

My conclusion is, that the gamma discipline does fulfil an important function in the health care system, they are not to be missed, and contribute to a better well-being of the patient.

γγ & γβ

γγ In order to understand the interdisciplinary conflicts, one needs to understand the 4 disciplines first. I wanted to write about the γ discipline, that of social sciences. Though my background lies in the β discipline (engineering-, or in this case, medical science), my reason for taking this course was to learn more about other […] Continue reading →

Beta-Beta and Alpha-Beta

For step 2: α-β-γ-δ disciplines and cultures I would like to write about the β discipline and the debate between the fundamental and applied arm of the β culture. Fundamental science wants to understand causes and concepts and the objects and laws of fundamental science can be seen as the foundation underlying all other forms […] Continue reading →

The UK Lucia

Today I got very angry. A friend drew my attention to an article in yesterday’s Guardian and this led to the hunt for a newly appeared paper in criminology and an email conversation with the author – who ended up saying that I couldn’t criticise the paper because it has been published in a peer reviewed […] Continue reading →

Gamma-beta debate

Natural and human behaviour, two entities that are seeking co-operation, but might as well get in conflict. And so do the sciences that study them. At the interface of the beta and gamma sciences lie problems that require each others expertise. Large problems like environmental sustainability are problems defined by both the beta and gamma […] Continue reading →

Bijdrage Inhoud Boek: ββ (algemeen) en αβ (Lucia de B.)

Onderdeel A: Om verschillende disciplines te kunnen bediscussiëren dient er een wetenschappelijke cultuur ter indeling gehandhaafd te worden. Hierbij  worden de culturen α, β, γ en δ gebruikt. Dit omvat de disciplines jurisprudentie, engineering (wetenschap), sociale wetenschappen en economie respectievelijk.  Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar het beschrijven van de ββ cultuur. Deze wetenschappelijke cultuur hoop […] Continue reading →