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Chapter 2.2




In the Lucia de Berk case something went wrong in de medical branch of science. The passing of baby Amber was first described as a natural death. A doctor that was present at that time wrote this down. But later the hospital changed this to an unsuspected and inexplicable death. More medical dossiers were revised and nine cases were now said to be unsuspected and inexplicable deaths. This means that different persons, who all studied medicine, concluded different things about the same cases. Moreover, when there was a second revision of the cases, the cause of death was changed back to natural. The conflict between the different parties within the same branch is clear.


I personal think it is interesting there were such different conclusions on the same cases, because it shows weakness in the files and the people who examined them. It is important to keep in mind that scientist can make mistakes. Especially when the facts aren’t straightforward and maybe messed around with.