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Example video on LyX (Experimental)

Here is an example video [my browser does not show the video when activated in WordPress to see. If required (until I have mended things), just download the mp4 file behind the link and play locally], a first particle of introducing LyX to an imagined newbee. I made it after the first meeting, with the Quicktime player that comes with the Apple OS/X operating system for Mac PCs. The resulting file was so large, that I could not mail it to you. In an attempt remedy, I hired the Siteground webservice that currently publishes our website, hoping it would make distribution of the video (and other large files) possible. Does it? Feel free to comment, both on bandwidth issues and on the content (perhaps express wishes on how to proceed with this LyX-BibTeX tutorial?).

Eerste LyX screen recording

In deze post wilde ik een link naar mijn eerste LyX screen recording opnemen, die in 11 minuten laat zien hoe je een klein boekje in elkaar kunt zetten. Het is allemaal nog heel amateuristisch, qua media, waarvoor mijn verontschuldiging. Ik hoop een en ander te kunnen verbeteren in vervolg screencasts. Ik ben trouwens heel […] Continue reading →

About Lyx/Latex + Bibtex meeting

I am planning to uploadĀ some material for preparation of LYX/Bibtex use by tomorrow night (6/11). I will try to do it such, that short face2face Q&A sessions (after our Tuesday meetings) may suffice in stead of organising a full-blown one-hour meeting. Lyx/Bibtex issues are to be discussed and posted under the LYX category. Continue reading →